cisco hands-on experience

Hello and welcome to all cisco network interested people.

Our concern is to get a deeper look into how-to of cisco command-line configuration.
As we were studying cisco, we frequently looking for network materials in the world wide web.
Good learning materials are expensive and you have to spend anyway a lot of time
to get familiar with this stuff.

Sometimes you have an amount of ‘Official Exam Certification Guide’,
but you don’t have experience to link all knowledge together and combine it in the right way.
It’s very important for a network engineer to understand cisco features and
putting it together like a big cisco puzzle.
You have to understand the cisco features and how they fit together.

Our favorite topics are Wireless-LAN, explaining Layer 1-3 and
a little bit ASA fundamentals.

Your profit
  • almost posts will be peppered with configuration examples
  • all posts will be done with an enterprise background
  • special topics will be explained step by step


So – enjoy the side and don’t hesitate to get in contact.