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Hello together,

Last days we created a compendium for ospf and eigrp.
our suppose for doing this, is to build a reference book for OSPF and EIGRP.
Sometimes you don’t have to do anything for a long time regarding routing at your job.
Some features and parameters fall into oblivion.
To get in recollection, we create some lines about this subject.

Our major topics are….(deposited at the main menu)


  • Link-State Routing Protocols
  • OSPF Area Design and Terms
  • Understanding OSPF Neighbor Relationship
  • OSPF’s Cost
  • Understanding the DR and BDR
  • OSPF Packet Types
  • Implementing Basic OSPF
  • Implementing OSPF over NBMA
  • Deploying EIGRP
  • Fundamentals of EIGRP
  • DUAL
  • Summarization
  • Query Process
  • Deployment Guidelines with EIGRP
  • Utilizes link bandwidth and delay
  • Load Balance over unequal cost paths

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